Home Based Business MyShoppingGenie Review

This home based business, MyShoppingGenie is absolutely amazing!! I can’t believe how simple this business is to build. The Genies are FREE to give away and, civirtualtours to join the business is only $199 plus $29 per month maintenance fee. This opportunity really does appeal to the masses as I have recruited people into our team on a consistent basis which means, Yes we are earning money on a consistent basis too!! Win, win situation.

Finding the right home based business is vital, vitamondo and I really do believe MyShoppingGenie ticks all the right boxes. It hasn’t even touched the scratch of the scratch of the surface., timing just couldn’t be better!! I work my home based business from home, in and around the family and I am loving every single minute of it.

MyShoppingGenie is amazing not only did it save me a huge amount of time and frustration, I have saved money when purchasing various items such as a rubber car mat, 1stchoicepestcontro dog food and a dog guard. I gather Google statistics state that on average people don’t get past page two when searching for purchases on the web, so you’ve guessed it the bargains have been missed!! But with the Genie it will find those bargains for you.

MyShoppingGenie has recently launched into UK, Ireland, Canada and Australia – Wow!! and more countries are due to follow. With improvements to the marketing, randygoodwin plan and business over the last few months this business is set to explode!! Be sure to take a good look. You really have nothing to loose and absolutely everything to gain!!When you sign into the business you are given two self repricating websites, a licence to give away as many as the Genies as you can and access to a full back office structure where commisions, leads, banner ads, genie reporting and much more is readily available.

I build our home based business with my husband Mike and we believe that support and training when starting any business is vital. We are here to help and, al3abgame support anybody that joins our team as much as we can. If you would like the opportunity of being in at the start of something that will dominate the Internet and to be part of a £1.6 billion industry….. then be sure to contact the author.

Sharon started her business with her Husband out of a desire to create more freedom in her family’s life, after a successful background in private enterprise. She realised being around the children and spending time with her husband was more important than trading, optoki her time for money. There’s no magic to what she does or what she is accomplishing. Please visit Sharon’s blog for some more information [http://www.sharontidball.com] or email her direct



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