Diabetes – Change Your Attitude – Beat Diabetes

Over my many years of having diabetes, I’ve talked with many other diabetics. The phrases I hear most often are, “I need to start checking my sugar.” “I’ve been trying, savegeeks but I just can’t lose any weight.” “It doesn’t matter what I do my A1C’s are still above 7.” Somehow it seems diabetics don’t truly understand the disease. Nor just how important and relatively easy it is to get control of diabetes.

All too often people diagnosed with type 2 diabetes somehow decide it is too hard to get control of their blood sugar. They take their medication, and think, “I’ll do better, creditcana today.” They may even go a few days really trying to watch what they’re eating and even exercise…then gradually they’re back to their old lifestyle. “I’ll do better tomorrow.” Only tomorrow becomes today and time passes. All the while their body’s health is gradually decreasing.

Avoid Complications

If you have diabetes and can relate to the description above, expresstrue I beg you to STOP RIGHT NOW and begin to make changes. Unless you can begin to change your attitude you will end up with complications of diabetes. Left uncontrolled diabetes can be destructive and deadly. That’s right. DEADLY!

Higher than normal range blood sugar can result in heart attacks, timesgym heart disease, strokes, blindness, amputations, kidney failure and more.

Make the attitude adjustment today to take control. Consider the fact that without good health, all the other events of your life become difficult. Your body is the, oculuscredit only one you’ll ever have. You don’t get a second chance to look after it. The good news is that by changing your attitude you can take the steps necessary to get good diabetes control. While doing so may be difficult at first, consider your other options…blindness, kidney failure, heart attack. Don’t think these diabetes complications won’t happen to you. They happen to people who don’t control their diabetes on a daily basis.

Change Your Attitude and Your Life

Once you make the attitude adjustment and, depotblue decide to put controlling your diabetes and your health at the top of your to-do list, follow the five steps below to take better control.


    1. Take stock of what you are currently doing and not doing. Are you eating a healthy diet? Are you regularly checking your blood sugars? Do you exercise daily? Answer honestly.


    1. Start today to check your blood sugar at least two or three times daily. Not knowing what your blood sugar levels is like driving at night without your lights on…you don’t know what’s coming up next.


    1. Change your eating habits to a healthy diet. Try to eliminate most processed foods, simple carbohydrates and high fat foods. If you’re not sure about what to eat, do some research, or see a dietitian.


    1. Get regular exercise. If exercise is not part of your regular routine, start slowly, but make sure to START. Even thirty minutes a day will make a big difference. Cardio and strength training are highly recommended.


  1. Set mini goals for yourself and monitor your progress. Get help in the areas where your knowledge is weak.


Remember, change your attitude, to an “I can do it” attitude to beat diabetes and improve your health.. Gradually you will become adjusted the changes you make and will look forward to good health instead of terrible diabetes complications.



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