6 Signs Of A Panic Attack

Panic attacks happen to many more people than most of us realize. They are not necessarily reported to a doctor as such and if it is suggested that a panic attack is the reason for physical symptoms like the ones listed below, people are skeptical. Panic attacks are twice as common in women as in men and can be caused by major life stressors or even run in families. If you think you have panic disorder, talk to your doctor about finding the cause and possible treatments.

Panic attacks are very real and alarming to the people experiencing them. Fortunately, if you can learn the warning signs, you can take steps to stop them from developing. While the symptoms will vary from person to person, here are a few indications that you might be having a panic attack: For more information please visit these sites:- https://earnadmob.com/ https://fastfunnels.com/ https://www.utopiaibiza.com/ https://www.adsm.com.sg/ https://www.okconstructioncorp.com/ https://baldandblonde.live/ https://apkdlx.com/

1. Sudden fear or nervousness

You can be in a very calm situation and not thinking about anything stressful at all and then suddenly you feel very anxious. You can even be asleep when panic attacks hit!

2. Pounding heart

This is a reaction to what your body perceives as a threatening situation, whether you are actually in one or not. Your heart is working hard to make sure you have the energy to fight its perceived threat, or for you to run from the situation.

3. Difficulty breathing

Your chest may feel like there is pressure on it or it is tight. Again, this is not an indication of a physical problem. It is triggered by a sense of stress and our natural fight or flight instinct.

4. Cold or tingling extremities

Your hands or feet may begin to get cold or feel like there are little pins pricking your skin. This is the result of blood rushing from various parts of your body to get to the heart to facilitate your response to a threat.

5. Dizziness or feeling faint

Again, blood rushes from your head to your heart to help you fight off your threat. It is important to remember that this is all psychological and not based on a physical problem and are signs of a panic attack.

6. Nausea or stomachache

Many people do not realize that the nervous system directly connects our brain and our digestive system. This is why you can become nauseous when you hear disturbing news and have nervous thoughts. Also, people may feel a sudden need to move their bowels when nerves strike.



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