More Time Spent Shopping Online And More Money Spent On High-Tech Items This Christmas

Christmas is upon us yet again, meaning it’s time to show friends and family how much they are loved by the exchange of gifts, which is good news for the retail sector. Unfazed by the recent credit crunch, movie2uhd a new survey by professional services firm Deloitte shows that consumer spending on Christmas presents in the UK is likely to increase 7% from last year, from £662 per person to £706, despite consumer pessimism towards the state of the economy.

Furthermore, The Annual Christmas Retail Survey, saintgenieswholesale released this week and available at the Deloitte website, predicts that this Christmas the most prominent trends in shopping are the increased use of the internet and demand for high-tech items.

The survey, which gathered, information from 1000 respondents, found that twice as many are expected to buy their gifts online compared to last year’s 14%. The survey also found that only one in 10 will spend a full day on the high street. This trend was aided by consumers becoming more familiar and confident with shopping online and improved customer service from e-tailers. The advantage of the internet as a shopping resource is obvious – appmee consumers can avoid queues and items being out of stock while price comparison between different providers is only a click away.  Allthingschildcare The important thing to remember if you are going do your Christmas shopping online is to allow for enough time for shipping in order to get items on time.

Consumer spending on high-tech items is also set to increase. Deloitte found that 44% of the respondents were planning to buy a computer game as a gift, up from 38% last year. 26% said they expected to purchase an MP3 player, an increase from 20% last year. animeyoko If you aren’t looking to shell out the kind of cash required for a Nintendo Wii or an iPhone, there are plenty of more affordable gadgets available as an alternative.

In the end, Christmas is more about giving than receiving, and despite the trend towards increased spending; it is the thought that counts behind each present. With a little over a month away until Christmas it is should be easy to find gifts for most loved ones, whatever your budget, online or on the highstreet.crosstrainer-kaufen



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