Making and Saving Money During Lean Times

Times are tough, money is getting low, and you need to do what is necessary to stay (or become) a survivor. You’ve made a budget, but there is just not enough money to stay afloat. How will you pay rent, buy food, gas, utilities, and everything else needed in life?

Here are a few suggestions to get lean and streamline your life:

1. Sell what you don’t need. Everyone has stuff in their closet or garage they don’t need. Why is it just wasting space and making you carry it every time you move? Sell those old clothes, bespaar blog electronics, and anything else you don’t use regularly. You won’t miss them or the space they take up in your life. is a great place to sell stuff and it doesn’t cost anything. Yard sales are another free way to sell things, but shoppers in that market are looking for lower prices.

2. Change what you eat. You don’t need to eat at restaurants. Use this time to eat healthy stuff that you make at home like beans, whole grain rice and fish. You will save money and be healthier. Learning to cook can also be an adventure.

3. Change you habits. Movies are expensive. Do you really need to see the latest movies the day they come out? Why not what a month and see the same movie at a local dollar theatre? Why not have a game night with friends where you can actually interact with them and maybe have even more fun?

4. Walk more. You are already saving gas money buy not eating out and going to the movies, bespaartip website how about walking to destinations that are close by? It is free exercise, it will clear your head, and safe you the costs of operating your car all the time.

5. Cancel those memberships you don’t need. Fitness is important. Gym memberships are not. You are already walking more, how about playing a sport with friends every Saturday? Pick one you like and play some basketball, jog, go hiking, swimming or another activity in a group, or If you prefer, alone.

6. Contact your local resources for help. Utility companies have special pricing for those with low income. Additional city services can provide additional help. Contact them and see what they can do.

Let this be a time when you learn to be lean, ivu unencumbered by the heavy things that slow you down and keep your attention from what you really care about. When you come out of this situation you will be stronger and more focused than ever. Find out what you really care about without all these distractions keeping us from life.



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