Top Tips for Visual Marketing With Pinterest

Since ‘content marketing’ is now an established and growing trend, consumers are overwhelmed with information. What can your business do to be visible in the crowd?

The answer is that every business now needs to pay close attention to visual marketing. Stunning graphics and eye-catching images have more chance of gaining attention and encouraging your audience to linger for long enough to absorb your message.

With Pinterest continuing to be one of the fastest growing social media networks, a picture is not only worth a thousand words but could easily encourage a thousand leads! Pinterest drives more online traffic to businesses around the world than YouTube, LinkedIn and G+ combined.

For this reason Pinterest is becoming a forerunner in lead generation for thousands of creative business and entrepreneurs alike. Also, with the upcoming changes in the social network, things are looking promising for advertisers. So if you need more traffic (what business doesn’t?) it could be the right time to integrate Pinterest into your daily schedule.

Structure Your Content

The first thing any business considering visual marketing with Pinterest should do is to get familiarized with the unique way the network operates. Begin with a strategy which dovetails with your overall marketing strategy, and create pin boards with titles your audience will be searching for. Then organize your pins into these categories. The quickest way to begin is by re-pinning other users’ photos, but to stand out it is vital to create your own original content. Video, graphics and infographics can be pinned, as well as photos, but video is still an underused strategy on Pinterest.

Be Constant and Creative

If you want to be successful in your visual marketing with Pinterest you have to be constant and creative. The social network lets you present your content and ideas visually, which encourages more interaction.

Five or six pins per day are enough to satisfy your audience and leave them eagerly awaiting further content, but too many pins at once in the home page ‘feed’ can overwhelm your followers. However you do have to be constant in your delivery and try to stick to a schedule or calender.

Highlight Entertainment and Education

By using visual marketing with Pinterest you will be able to directly speak to your audience with pictures. Educate and entertain your followers with images which give them information relevant to your business. For example, you can incorporate industry trends into a unique infographic. Or pin a photo from your blog using the blog post title as ‘teaser’ text overlaid on the photo, to encourage viewers to click through to your site to read the post. india forums

Promoted Pins

Similar to the principal of Facebook ads, Promoted Pins give creative businesses and entrepreneurs an edge. By advertising your content with the help of Pinterest, you will be able to generate leads and reach the right customers. Keep in mind that Pinterest offers quite an interesting demographic with women still reflecting about 83% of the user base of the website, so if your products or services appeal to this market it may be just the right place to spend some of your precious advertising budget.

The Future of Visual Marketing with Pinterest

Pinterest is constantly updating the network, and in the recent years they further enriched the visual marketing experience by presenting advertisers with new tools and opportunities. From huge corporations like Sony, to solo entrepreneurs running their business purely through social media, everyone who’s anyone seems to be using Pinterest.

The visually pleasing platform can be simple to use, once you know how. Is it time for you to jump on board?

Ann Leslie is a Marketing Consultant and Pinterest expert, combining decades of experience in creative businesses with social media training and an MBA.

Ann helps creative individuals, entrepreneurs and businesses design a Pinterest marketing strategy to gain targeted leads, customers and sales for their business – and have fun doing so!



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