4 Tips on How to Choose the Right Dog Artists to Paint Your Dog Portrait

Choosing the right dog artists to paint your pet portrait can be daunting. You want your dog portrait to be perfect, expertly painted that shows off your dog in the best light possible. So how do you go about finding the right dog artists? Here are four good tips to start you off.

1. View their pet portfolio

Take a look at your dog artist’s portfolio. Do you like their work? Do you like the style of their dog portraits? If you do want to commission pet portraits from photos then is your chosen dog artist showing you the original dog photo that the painting was based on? This is really important as on its own the dog portrait might look accomplished but when compared to the original photograph the dog painting was based on, the portrait may not actually look like the dog in the photo, thereby misleading you. The tip to learn here is always make sure to compare the original dog photo to the dog painting. Only then will you truly be able to see if their dog artists are experienced enough to paint your pet portrait.

2. Has the dog artist in question told you about what kind of canvas or oils your pet portrait will be painted with?

Quality matters. I’m assuming you want your dog portrait to be perfect. Well the perfect pet portrait starts with the canvas and oils that your dog portrait will be painted with. Be sure to ask your dog artist if they do not mention it. For example, Winsor & Newton oils are probably the best oils on the market in terms of purity and quality, and a high grade duck cotton canvas is a great foundation for an oil painting. Dog Portraits

3. Does your Pet Artist’s website have a FAQ page?

It’s important to find out before ordering what will happen if you do not like your dog portrait, will you still have to pay for it? Will your dog artist make changes to your oil painting if you ask them to? Do you have to pay for delivery or is it included? What about sales tax? Make sure you ask your dog artist everything you want to know before ordering your pet portrait from photos.

4. Will your dog portrait artist give you free advice?

If you’re commissioning a dog portrait from a photo, it’s important that your photograph is clear and in focus and is in high resolution. Make sure your pet artist gives you advice to see if your photo is suitable.



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