Motorola Droid Challenges Palm Pre Plus – Who Has the Better Smart Cell Phone?

Few would deny that Palm Pre Plus is not an elegant little device. It is cool, usf95zone trendy, and has lots of cool features – brilliant technology indeed. Still, there are some who have compared it to the Motorola Droid and comeback with some critique. Now before we trash on the Palm Pre Plus, let’s remember than when it is stacked up next to the Apple 3GS iPhone, the Motorola Droid walks away as the clear champion. Needless to say, any smart phone would be challenged against the Droid by Motorola. techmagazinenews

Interestingly enough, in an article in Hispanic Business News, reporter and personal tech tester and writer Jeremy Nisen stated in an article titled; “Palm Pre Plus: Impressive Technology Hasn’t Ironed Out the Frustrations,” dated March 2, 2010 seems to agree. Like most he liked the slide out key board, mirror, and “card-based operating system” he said. He is right, I completely agree with his assessment of Palm Pre, plus, I’d add that the phone just looks cool to me. renownednews

If you look at the reviews in PC World, on YouTube, or in Personal Tech Magazine you will see mixed reviews and most of the reviewers stating that the key board, style, and navigation is a matter of preference, what the user is used to and their likes and dislikes. Thus, the Palm Pre + is not for everyone, but if you are a key-board smart phone type of person, it does hit the spot indeed. Some reviewers have spoken ill of the digital camera feature, but my close friend owns one and he likes it, and he let me try it, it worked fine for me when I snapped some shots of the clerk at Starbucks in the daylight. xnxx

Some have said that the touch screen does not work as well as Apple, Droid, or Nexus One, but I thought it was okay, maybe those folks are just spoiled by the other technologies. The ion-lithium battery seems to be insufficient for a full-days usage, which is something you need to think on, but before I get too awfully critical, I’d like to mention another fact. techimpacter

Out of all the smart phones I’ve tested over this last month, none of them seem to have adequate battery life. Now there are batteries you can buy that are after market and much more powerful, unfortunately, they also add weight, and this is why smart cell phone makers are reluctant to make them standard, as they are all competing for the lowest weight, and that means personal tech bragging rights. Please consider all this.




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