Web Site Marketing is the Single Best Way to Build Your Business & Create Your Brand


Web site marketing is probably the most important advice I can offer you when it comes to attraction or any type of marketing!! Building a web site, I have found, was and is the fastest way to get ranked on the search engines. There are a few things you need to understand, now I can’t give you everything on building a website, but if you hang with me I have a tool that I used that made it simple. Notice I did not say easy, if you commit to learning and earning it will be simple.

I am going to talk about some things that I think you need to understand before you start web site marketing. I am going to speak (write) in a way that I understand it, so don’t look for the perfect definitions of all the terms.


Keywords are words or keyword phrases are words and phrases that people use when they are searching for something online. To find this page you may have searched for “web site marketing” or “building a website”. Knowing which keywords are used is helpful when making a website because you would then want to build web pages around the popular keywords that relate to your site. Essentially when you search for words or phrases at Google or Yahoo those words are then defined as keywords. You want to identify the phrases being used to search for your product or service and then incorporate those in your Internet marketing.

HTML Coding or Hypertext Markup Language—let me say this I do not know HTML coding. However when I began web site marketing I got familiar with a few codes that I used in this website. Anyway, this coding that has been used since 1991, it is a group of characters and words that when put together properly display to the reader bold, italics and font size, just to name a few.

You can add pictures to your web pages, align the text, create a link in the text for people to click and many, many, more things. However, like I said, you do not have to know HTML coding to make a website.

Website Traffic

When traffic comes to your website you want to make sure there is content there that would keep them there or at least coming back. I will tell you a secret, I want to get you hooked…that’s right, like a raging addict, waiting for what is coming next. I began building a site and in 30 days I started getting traffic from the United States, Great Britain, Brazil and Australia. I am not going to tell you it was massive traffic but prior to that point I couldn’t even get my mother to my site. I will admit the learning curve to building an effective website is challenging but well worth it.

These are only a FEW basics, no way can I cover every thing right here.

You need to understand some things. Whenever I wanted to build a website I would start with the website domain name (www.mywebsite.com). I would search and search to find the right combination of words or phrases that would make my website “sound” good. This, however is the last thing you should do. 검증사이트

Supply & Demand

The first thing is to figure out your site concept, what is your site going to be about, what is your niche? Usually you want to start with your passion, what are you passionate about…your job, hobby, sport, etc. Then research the demand for your niche and the supply offered to the niche. This is not a snap decision. See, I was taught about supply and demand in grade school it is the same concept online. Supply is the amount of searchable information that is being offered about your particular niche. Demand is the amount of people or searches that are looking for this information through online searches. The last thing when determining your site concept is profitability, though you may have a passion for a particular site concept is the focus of your passion profitable enough to spend your time developing a website about it?

For example you may love fitness training and nutrition, obviously there is a TON of information online about this. You may need to narrow your focus to be profitable and not compete with larger more well known and established sites. Let’s say it focuses on eating for health or eating for a healthy life over 40 or eating for preparation for marathons. Whatever it is, you want to qualify the information by checking the supply, demand and profitability.

How do you do that?

Do what I did create a website. With web site marketing you need a tool that helps you build an effective and efficient website that tracks your traffic, submits your site to the search engines, researches keywords, tells you the real supply and demand, lets you know the profitability and MUCH, MUCH MORE. Let me warn you…IT IS A LOT OF INFORMATION. If you are committed to getting out of the “rut” that you are in or start a new hobby or career that is PROFITABLE, you want to start here. Best decision I ever made!!!!


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