Honda Motor Company

Founded on September 24, 1948, the Honda Motor Company is well known for its production of motorbikes and vehicles. The company outputs the largest number of motorbikes in the word, niceasicminer as well as being the second largest producer of vehicles in Japan. The Japanese company does not only limit itself to vehicle production, however. There are many products within the Honda range, including; power generators, gardening equipment and boats. Honda also has a well established research facility which looks to develop robots and A.I.

Soichiro Honda, the founder of the famous automobile manufacture we know today grew up having a deep fascination in vehicles and how they worked. He followed his passion and became a mechanic at a tuning shop. Honda, who had taught himself engineering, worked hard on drawing up a design for a piston which he hoped would be used by the largest Japanese automobile producer, Toyota. Unfortunately, Toyota declined which led Honda to work even harder on his designs. Honda even took the decision to go back to school to help him with his engineering and design capabilities. Finally, after much hard work and effort, Honda realised his dream and won a contract with the large Japanese automobile producer to manufacture pistons. Honda built a factory for the production which later was brought to rubble by an earthquake.



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