Let Me Touch the Sky

Five past seven, thereloadershouse early in the morning, the second Saturday of July 2009. “The air was breezy.” It was clearly written on the windows of Beechcraft Sundowner aircraft. I was first impressed by the aircraft standing neatly in line on the field, with eight hangars.

The morning ceremony had been performed on the other part of the STPI (Indonesian Flight School) complex in Curug sub-district, Tangerang city. Some time later, the Cadets were coming, and they went back to the hangars. As visitors, my friends and I had a responsibility to introduce ourselves. ammunitionscenter

A tight handshake and a big smile; these were the first things I gave them. Besides being well-dressed and well-trained, another impression that I saw behind their orange uniforms was their friendly and fun personalities. Though they were shy at the first time, but finally, they could take the situation easily. That day’s routine began with maintenance and checking. บาคาร่าออนไลน์

They were responsible for the planes’ detail cleaning and checking; the wings, propeller, elevator, etc. They should have been in a flight training that day. Unfortunately, bad weather gave them bad visibility. They had to wait until it turned good. Patience. This is the thing they have to deal with, if talking about their graduation day. Why?

Because they have to move along with the weather condition. Thus in the end, when they have someday graduated and become the real pilots, they have to make friends with nature. That morning’s weather was not getting better. I went to the school building. Since they cannot fly, I found them playing billiard in their spare time there. oros.store

Also, there were some of them sitting in front of the computers seriously. Poetry. This was another thing I found to be interesting in their “playing space.” They wrote poems to rouse their own spirit and remind them of their dreams. The poems were attached on the board on one of the wall in the room. One of them was entitled “The Miracle of Sky,” written by V’05 B’08 D’10 W’21 (these are the initials or codes of the writers). The last stanza said, “I can only pray through my prayers, I can only wish through my dreams. skywings

You have showed me the way. For me, this is now the time to fight. Let me touch Your sky and kneel down to You.” There is a saying, “reach beyond the sky.” This becomes the motivation of Indonesia’s next pilots not to give up their hope and dreams. Not only they want to be touching the sky, they will be kneeling down on God’s feet. The sky is a vast place, but there is no room for error. Stretch your wings and fly, our beloved pilots. affluentwords



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