Here is My Review of the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight is supposed to take place right where the last movie left off except with a new actress to take Katie Holme’s place. I think that Katie Holmes did a good job in the last film but the woman to replace her Maggie Gyllenhaal was one of the best female actresses to play in a Batman movie. slot35

I think that the performance by the Joker who is played by the actor known to most as Heath Ledger who died a few months ago was one of the best performances for a villain in a long time and his performance not only got you into the character but scared the crap out of you in the process. king77

I think he was a better joker then Jack Nicholson who was in the original batman movie. I believe that this film deserves to get a best picture nomination and a best picture win. It was 3 hours of pure action and pure excitement. I loved how they made the character of Batman struggle with lowering himself to the jokers level of killing or being the hero he wants others to be. The second villain of the story was played by a hero in the beginning of the movie only to be turned evil by some actions that took place during the movie. puss888

The second villain became Two Face and he was played by the actor Aaron Eckhart and his performance was almost as great as the Jokers. To me, betflix789 this movie was a highly recommended movie and I believe that everyone should see it at least two times. I saw this movie twice in the same week when I never go and pay for a movie twice unless it is a movie that I love and this movie is that for me. I loved it. You guys need to see it. Thanks for reading my review and remember this movie gets 2 thumbs way up. For more info visit these sites: zodiac888



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