UFC 126 Post Fight Analysis: The Aftermath

The excitement building up to the UFC 126 event surely proved to be worth it. Silva had an electrifying knockout, Apostille NYC Franklin and Griffin took it the end and Jon Jones had a surprisingly entertaining win against Bader. So where do these fighters go from here, and what do the results from February 5th, 2011 mean for the UFC fighters and their futures?

Following Jon Jones’ performance, Fight Night Champion PC it was announced that he will fight Shogun Rua in a little over a month from now in UFC 128 for the light heavyweight title. Jon Jones further proved his legitimacy as a competitor after putting undefeated UFC fighter, Ryan Bader, in a modified guillotine choke. Jon Jones had some key takedowns throughout the match against a fortified wrestler to demonstrate his strength on the ground as well. Jones may be the toughest competitor Shogun has seen yet while defending his belt. Dubai Web Design Company

The reigning middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, continued his domination over the middleweight class after defeating Vitor Belfort with a lighting fast front kick to the face, which knocked Belfort out. The fight started out rather uneventful with both fighters circling for almost three minutes until the knock out occurred. Could Silva’s next fight be against St. Pierre? We won’t know until after the result of St. Pierre vs. Jake Shields, but if St. Pierre wins, this superfight could turn into a reality. As for Belfort, he will still remain a strong competitor in the middleweight class. A comeback to fight Silva again after some time would not be at all unlikely. C8 Corvette
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The fight between went down to the wire. Both fighters are aging and needed to each put on a strong performance to show to Dana White that they are still top notch competitors. Forrest Griffin controlled most of the fight against Franklin, and came out with a win, but both fighters showed they had the ability to compete at an elite level. Franklin and Griffin will both return for more bouts in the UFC.

Other notes from the night include Jake Ellenberger defeating Carlos Rocha in a split decision, and Miguel Torres defeating Antonio Banuelos via unanimous decision. Anderson Silva received the knockout of the night award; Jon Jones received the submission of the night award; Donald Cerrone vs. Paul Kelly received the fight of the night award; these awards are worth $75,000 in bonuses from the UFC.



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