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The reason is, I believe as other great speakers and writers all say, Online Coding Classes for Kids if I can do it, so can you. There really isn’t a secret to all this success or just getting there, it is having the right attitude, and following a program (step by step). As I say “there”, what really does that mean; it could mean you have no more credit debt and you can save or invest money for your future, you work for yourself or own a business and do not punch a clock anymore, you are a successful investor or real estate investor, or you are just happy doing what you love to do and do not care what others think. rozbawieni

Newly Married we needed a place to live. Within a few hours in the local newspaper, I found an owner carry with $5000 down. We were not the first to call and we took off to the address right away.

When we got to the house it was perfect and we wanted it. David the owner told us that he needed the money that night and a contract to seal the deal and then go to title the next day. I of course talked his ear off and even chatted up business ideas that came and went out of my head over the past years. David was fascinated at my story telling and told me I should read this book by Robert Kiyosaki “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”. drommabed

I started to listen to the am radio talk shows during work more after David telling me that I had a knack for a business sense. I started to buy a few books of the talk show hosts that focused on business and money, but found them to be a bit confusing. I guessed this confusion was due to the lack of any financial education that I had from my many parents and or public schooling.

My wife bought the book for me 3 months later for Christmas, because she says she couldn’t figure what to give me. I read the book and I started to think hard, being a truck driver, what idea of many that I thought of would spark this mission to move from being an employee, and only keep about half of my paycheck by year’s end, to owning a business and not have to work all the time. Anime

Well, why this was going on, I met a security guard at our company gate that logs trucks and trailers in and out of the yard, gave me a Mini CD ROM and said it was his business. I went home that next day to find out what was on this disk and what did his website look like. The program that was on the disk was awesome, with all these special effects and graphics, and links to his website. His website was great until it crashed my computer a few times. So when I went back to work that night and let him know what was happening he said he would get back to me in a few days. I was soon thinking about all the businesses that could benefit from this cool technology. Over the next few weeks to a month, we became partners, I helped pay for upgrades in his system to make the website better and work without crashing. I was on a roll, working all night as a truck driver, then coming home to work for another 4 or 5 hours on the phone and doing research on how and who to sell this great idea to. I quit watching favorite TV shows and even renting fewer videos. Heck, once we thought we were their with a great demo, we dressed all up and went to Rodeo drive in Beverly Hills to show off to every shop. We must have looked like goofs, but we did it! On this journey, we did meet some nice people to boot. Nothing came of this adventure though, so tried calling up companies and getting through to the marketing director and then sending them a package on what we did and could offer, since their was only a handful of others trying to do this at the same time we were. After a few weeks and nothing happening except one contract from my Father in laws business, we started to get discouraged. Top Suomi Kasinot

Then one night listening to the am radio driving back and forth from LA or Orange County, they were discussing the Danielle Van Dam missing child case that happened in San Diego in 2002, and they really didn’t have that great of identification at the time. Boom, it hit me, I couldn’t wait to get back and talk to Frank about if we could write this Identification program for Kids. He said we could do it and right away went to work on building a program for just this.

Over the next few weeks, it is interesting how things and people just meet to make things happen. My wife had a few demo CD’s sitting on her desk at her Curves location, because she was showing the detective lady what we created and gave her a sample. That detective took it back to work, and when she called the next day, we were being invited to a safety fair for the city and that we could charge for our product when everything else was free.

A lady walked in that same day and was asking for money or whatever for a fundraiser she was heading up. She saw the CD ID and went nuts and asked how to get involved. She was our first computer program system we put together and sold. Then, a water delivery person walked in the next day and also saw this product and went nuts, being a salesman and thinking he could sell this product all day long.

Remember, at the time, we had the best program and gumption to make it all happen. We couldn’t afford fancy questionnaires, so we had a three page word document that was stapled. We could only afford one fancy laptop system, so at the mall we drug in this big home computer system with monster monitor and all. The mall wasn’t too bad, we broke even with the fees to be there and the safety fair we made about $400 for the day.

Then it hit, Bob was in Pennsylvania with again a crowd of people that wanted this system, but again they were asking questions like, do you have a contract and what is a territory. So when it was slow a few times, Bob asked around to some of the other opportunities that he met in Oregon and they started to mention about the Federal Trade Commission and biz ops and franchise agreements. So Bob went to the show owner and asked about this and was given a phone number to a contact that writes contracts and such. In the meantime, we had four groups of people that wanted the system really bad, and we just had to let them know that we were now just there to see the response and that our contracts were being finished up. Also a couple from Oregon called and wanted a system, but had to tell them we were getting a contract together since going to that show too.

Back on the home front, I am frantically trying to research all these new terms, calling lawyers about biz opps and franchising contracts that we now needed desperately to sell to these groups. We obviously fell into the franchise group, since we had a trade name and offered support. The problem is they all wanted $50,000 and up to produce this and to register in California, which is where we were operating out of.

While researching all this and then my new salesman coming home after a busy weekend, he gave me this number to call. I am thinking can this lady charge less than the lawyers that I called the previous week. Amazingly she was super nice and loved my mission and product, but she was still around $14,000. I had about half of her fee at hand, and then found that I needed an audit, set up a corporation to register in California, and of which all of this could take 3 months or longer. I was shocked and wondered how many of the four would want to wait that long. We sent out letters and phoned them right away about what was to come. I figured being up front they would be willing to wait.

Off we went, starting a Wyoming Corporation, getting an accountant to due an audit on a single deposit on a new account, and getting details of the business off to our lady writing up our documents. We decided to throw a license agreement together, which didn’t protect me all that much, but made it legal to sell to them. I needed a few sales to finish paying for all this cause my wife and I were maxed out in credit and needed to start paying off those debts. In the end, we gave a huge piece of the farm (territory) to a group of ladies in Pennsylvania and they agreed to sign a franchise agreement when we finished getting registered. The others hemmed and hawed on the rules of the contract and slowly they all went other ways.

While the road to getting registered was happening we were busy getting jobs, designing territories, business plans, and finalizing a business system. My salesman starting booking daycares and schools to make our system a bit more believable when asked “what have you done”. We were still going to daycares lugging our huge home computer set-up since we couldn’t afford another laptop system yet and loving it. My wife’s friend was going to schools and talking to people with the portable system we let her have on payments.

I was able to get a local driving route again and working about 5 extra hours a day on Safe Kids Card, but tired like heck. When I started to get burned out, I had to make the decision to just quit and go for it, or just slack off a bit. We put a one by two inch ad in the USA Today and with over 2 million readers; we assumed at least one percent would contact us. We had a whopping 90 contacts of which no sales occurred and a loss of one thousand dollars.

The LA county fair was coming up, but I didn’t have any money left when it was time to register. My father in law found out what I was thinking of doing and we went down at the last minute to see if it was too late to book it. We missed it by 4 hours, but I went ahead and signed up for the Arizona State fair the next week and quit my job for good. I figured with the amount of traffic in the fair brochure, that we could sell a ton of Identification CD’s. Justin decided to go for it too and quit his job as a security guard to never look back.

We planned all week for the event and off we went to Arizona. We had a great location by the entrance and the foot traffic was worse than a weekend swap meet and they weren’t buying anything from anyone. The oriental massage tables were the only ones getting any action, and they were still not all that busy. I had other vendors tell me they made more in one day at the LA County fair than the 8 days we were into the 17 day Arizona Fair. The whole fair sort of had a bad taste in the air and to top that off, they had police patrols just to control the gangs. This was not the fair that I remember from 4 years earlier when I went on a weekend.

My computer guy Justin and I started to fight about going home, and I even threatened to put him on a bus. I was not giving up and was going to stick it out, even though we only sold a few Id’s each day to help buy our food and pay for the hotel. The next day we went home never to go to a fair again, at least that one. So now home, broke and no job, we had to get busy. We finally got our contracts done and registered and we ended up only selling to the group of ladies in Pennsylvania. They did though buy some extra territory that helped finish the bill for our franchise documents and such. Now six months from conception and starting the process, we were working daycares and small schools to get some cash flow going again from our losses.

Working forward on our business revelation, having a business plan, and sort of knowing how this is to be sold now, we needed to raise some capitol money to go to the International Franchise Show in Washington DC. This was going to be the show we made it, and with the brochure saying that over 25,000 people looking for a business to start, we could at least hook a handful. I printed that business plan and gave it to all of my family and friends and we sold about $20,000 in stock certificates in our company. This paid for the show, travel expenses, our booth display of which I build with PVC pipe and sewed the backdrop and table skirts myself. I guess having all those jobs growing up; I was able to tackle anything. We also joined the International Franchise Association on a two year contract, so that we could get additional discounts for this event. Another organization we joined was the Vet Frans group that advertises all the participating franchises on their internet site that give a discount if they buy your franchised business.



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