Postage Meters – Do They Really Save Money And Time For Small Businesses?

Postage meters are undoubtedly convenient. They are time and money savers. Though it would be easy to advocate all businesses to go ahead and purchase one, Postager the important question is “Will you really save money with a postage meter?” Based on the billion dollar in sales seen by leading postage machine vendors every year, one would like to believe so. But a closer scrutiny of the decision driving factors behind a purchase is in order. TheRussia

What do you pay for when you lease a postage meter?

You cannot buy a postage meter. The US Postal Service does not allow it. All you can do is take one on a long term lease from an authorized dealer. Let’s consider the costs of having a postage machine on your office premises. They are:

  • lease contract fees
  • base and scale rental Rottenpanda
  • accessories rental
  • maintenance charges (Again, repair and troubleshooting is only done by authorized dealer. This can leave you in limbo if they are not available immediately.)
  • postal rate updates


And you keep paying these charges for as long as you want to use the machine.

Evaluating your need for a postage meter

The best way to not fall in with a salesperson waiting to make her pitch is to understand your own business needs. All small businesses do not send out hundreds of mails every day. Some may not send out more than 5-10 mails a day. If there is indeed a shortage of time, Jetfuelmeals it can be circumvented by keeping some rolls of stamps in the office and making just one trip to the post office.

The best advantage of a postal meter is that it weighs consignments and meters them with accurate postage. The key component here is the scale. But, do you need to buy a postage meter for that? No. You can conveniently purchase a scale from the post office or any store for $10 or so. If you have rolls of stamp in the office, all you need to do is to calculate the accurate postage and send out the mail. autoverkopen24

Assuming you do send out many mails during the day and the time and cost overheads are significant, leasing the machine may be a good idea. However, remember that when you go out to a leasing company, you are not likely to get the best fit based on your needs. Sales person will surely try to pass of a high-end model with sophisticated features that are impressive enough but not necessarily needed. You should keep your requirements in mind and select a model that suits you just right. No extras. To make sure you don’t get carried away by sales pitches, do your homework. Survey the market and check out models that are reasonably priced and adequate for your business.

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Leasing a postage meter makes sense when your mail expenses (excluding postage) over a period are in fact more than the cost of the mailing equipment. Make an educated choice and save dollars.



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