4 Reasons You Should Include Social Media in Your Publicity Plan

Having an online presence can help your organization increase awareness. According to PEW Internet and American Life project, 70% of adults in the USA under 30 use social networking sites. Forrester research states that 67% of people over the age of 50 visit social networking sites. This creates a large target audience for volunteers and donations. Social networking provides an effective way to qqstamp communicate your organization’s mission and message online. Social media tools offer a great opportunity to acquire new supporters and increase engagement with volunteers and donors. It also build relationships with donors and help increase donations. It’s free or inexpensive to use social media,so it does not add to your organization’s budget. quickstamp

Acquire New Supporters -Using social networking can increase your online presence and introduce your organization to a new audience. Social media allows you to recruit current volunteers and donors to help you spread your message. Social media has a word of mouth effect and can help you reach potential volunteers and donors. Reporters now use web blogs and twitter to find sources for stories, good social networking could be an effective pitch tool. quickstamp

Increase Engagement – Having an online presence expands your ability to communicate effectively communicate with a large number of people by giving your organization more distribution channels. You can increase your engagement by using your about us paragraph to share information about your cause and organization. Share photos of recent events using Twit pic, face book or my space. Ask questions on your face book page and twitter to start a conversation. Recycle old newsletters for blog post. Turn news alerts into tweets. Always have a way for people to contact you. Uses widgets that allow you cross-post information. more visit sites>https://quickstamp.net/ https://quickstamp.digital/ https://www.aquasafe.de/ https://technuto.com

Build Relationships- Social Networking is interactive, it is not just a broadcast. It’s a chance to have a conversation. Remember to speak their language, don’t get into jargon. Stories are a great method to show the impact of your organizations programs and services. Integrate your story telling by using various communications channels. Social media can increase communication between your organization and your volunteers, donors.Each social networking site has a unique target audience, match your message to that audience’s needs. Always have a way for people to contact you on your sites: web blogs, websites, twitter profile,face book fan page and my space. Use comments as an opportunity to speak directly to your audience. Good manners are important in all communication including social media. Thank people for re-tweeting.

Increased donations – You will be able to judge how successful your strategy is by the number of comments on your organization’s blog. The numbers twitter followers. The number of friends and fans you have. The addition email address you have acquired will also show how successful your strategy is. The goal of your including social media in your public relations plan is preparing your audience for the ask so don’t forget to solicit donations. Create a paypal account you so you can ask for and ask accept donations online.Create a donation button for your website and web blog. If you can not have a button on the blog be sure and provide a hyperlink.



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