Energy Efficient Boilers – Energy Efficient Is The Only Way To Go

The boiler is what heats water or steam and sends it throughout the home via pipes or a radiator. The first thing you must do before purchasing a new energy efficient boiler is to decide what kind of fuel you are going to use. This is a critical decision because fuel prices have fluctuated so much in the past few years. Boilers tend to last a long time, twenty-five years is the normal boiler life, and when you commit to a certain fuel, you have to stick with it. A good choice would be either a natural gas boiler or electric boiler. Find out more about Energy Efficient Boilers.

When you get a new boiler, you need to see if they are Energy Star qualified. These types of boilers have a Annualized Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rate of eighty-five percent or greater. This makes them five percent more efficient than non-qualified models. They achieve great efficiency with improved features such as electric ignition, new combustion technology, and sealed combustion.

An electric ignition means it eliminates the need to have the pilot light burning all the time. The new combustion technologies are that they extract more heat from the same amount of fuel. A sealed combustion chamber uses outside air to fuel the burner, improving safety and reducing draft.

The Energy Star boilers use about ten percent less energy. A new energy efficient boiler installed will cost the homeowner several thousands of dollars to purchase because of the added features of electric ignition, new combustion technologies and sealed combustion. If you install it yourself, you will save a few thousand of dollars. You may even get a rebate or a tax cut from the government for purchasing an Energy Star boiler.

Rule of thumb is that people in milder climates will spend less on a moderate boiler and people in colder climates should buy the most efficient boiler they can afford. When you purchase a boiler, There are many advantages of using natural gas instead of an electric boiler. One of them is that an electric boiler takes longer to heat up, and more energy to maintain it’s heat. With a natural gas boiler, the heating element is direct heat, which heats up faster, stays hot longer, and is much more fuel efficient. look for one that efficient with electricity. This will help keep your electric costs down. Get one with a programmable thermostat. It can be set to raise or lower the temperature throughout the day.

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